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Excerpts from: Mission Detox Takes New Name and Will Soon Provide Opioid Withdrawal Services by Andy Steiner of MinnPost

Judy Retterath Withdrawal Management Center doesn’t have a fancy entrance. In fact, even though there’s a shiny new sign with the facility’s new name posted outside the door, the low, nondescript brick building is still a little hard to find…The place is clean but lived-in and showing its age. Staff is warm and professional, chatting easily with clients. During my visit, an ambulance pulled up, siren off but lights flashing, and delivered a new client. Inside, a police officer chatted familiarly with front desk staff. The facility, while definitely not the Ritz-Carlton, is also not the chaotic, depressing scene I imagined. It felt, in a way, like a small-town medical clinic.

Jessica Sprenger, Retterath Center Program Director, at the rededication ceremony

Sprenger said that Retterath and Missions Inc. has a reputation among clients as a place where staff members treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

“We’ve been called the ‘Cadillac of the Detox Centers,’” she laughed. “The other day a client said to me, ‘You’re not the Cadillac of Detox, you’re the Rolls Royce of Detox.’” This luxury designation does not describe the well-worn facilities, she explained, but rather, “It’s about how people are treated when they come here. I get feedback all the time about how great our nurses and staff are, about how kindly they treat our clients.”

Leaders at Retterath decided to expand their withdrawal management offerings because they saw an acute need for these services in their community, said Jim Steinhagen, CEO of Missions Inc., the nonprofit that runs the Retterath Center. 

“I think every care provider has a responsibility to make an effort in the best possible way to meet the demands of the community that it resides in,” Steinhagen said. “In our community, we’ve seen the increase in opioid use and the devastation and the consequences that use brings. We have the ability within this program to provide those services without a significant amount of change to our current footprint, so we decided to step up and make that happen.”

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