Program Spotlight: Mission Lodge

Missions Inc.Chemical Dependency

Missions Inc. Programs’ Mission Lodge provides supportive housing in a residential program designed to meet the needs of men and women who are chronically chemically dependent, most of whom would otherwise be homeless. The program provides a structured, sober environment with options that support residents in achieving extended periods of sobriety that they may not have experienced for many years. As residents work toward achieving their goals, they are provided assistance in building the support systems that are essential to achieve and sustain independent living. Services include:

Needs Assessment and Goal Planning – Mission Lodge assists residents in identifying their goals and establishing a plan for achieving them. The Advocates and Program Director hold monthly goal planning meetings with all residents. Residents are asked to set goals related to maintaining sobriety and addressing mental health care needs, and are encouraged to seek professional services to assist in this. Residents are also encouraged to set goals related to housing, employment, education, medical care, and other areas of importance to them.

Advocacy for Goal Achievement – Mission Lodge Advocates assist residents in accessing services in the community to work towards achievement of their personal goals. They do this by:  setting appointments, accompanying residents to appointments, and by offering advocacy, information and support.

Missions Inc. Programs’ pastoral setting provides a unique environment in which individuals can pause, heal, and reset while they work on their self-identified recovery goals

Transportation – Mission Lodge provides regular scheduled transportation to and from Minneapolis daily, Monday through Friday, to assist residents in the accomplishment of their goals.  Residents are provided bus tokens for appointments and cab service is utilized for transportation to medical appointments and at discharge.

Residents gain woodworking and carpentry skills at the Mission Lodge Woodshop

Work Program – Mission Lodge has a work program with both paid and unpaid work assignments in order to provide structure and foster the development of employment skills.  All residents participate in the unpaid work program.  Work opportunities that earn a stipend are available to approximately 40 residents at a time.  The Work Program Coordinator monitors this program. Work Program jobs can include working at our affiliated Mission Nursing Home, assisting the Facilities Director on grounds and building upkeep, or working with our Woodshop coordinator in the design, building and repair of furniture and other items utilized by all of Missions Inc. Programs.

A cabinet built in the Mission Lodge Woodshop is used in our administration building

Recreation – Mission Lodge provides organized recreational activities at least five days per week in order to support residents in developing a sober lifestyle. Mission Lodge residents are able to attend the YMCA five days per week. Activities include: bingo; tournaments in ping pong, horseshoes and pool; movies; shopping trips to a variety of retail stores; trips to the Minnesota Science Museum and public library; gardening; biking; basketball; golf; fishing, and attendance at professional sporting events such as the Minnesota Lynx and Minnesota Twins.

Nursing Services – Mission Lodge provides nursing services to assist residents in addressing their health care needs. The Registered Nurse (RN) consultant completes a health care assessment and develops a medical plan for each resident. The RN consultant provides ongoing training for staff to implement each residents medical and medication plans.

“Mission Lodge is a good place to help one get back on his or her feet.” -Mission Lodge Resident

Art and Crafts – Mission Lodge provides arts and crafts instruction by the Activities Coordinator, who provides both group instruction and individual project assistance.  Some of our most popular projects are leather work, beading, making wooden walking sticks and hooking rugs and needlepoint.  Residents also have the opportunity to attend area art fairs and craft shows.

Women’s Program – Mission Lodge provides advocacy and support services specifically for women.  This aspect of our program is based upon a self-help model and was developed in response to needs expressed by women.  The Advocate conducts a weekly women’s support group and together with the Activities Coordinator plan and facilitate a monthly women’s activity.

Women at Mission Lodge receive specific advocacy and supportive services designed
to meet the unique needs of women living in a transitional residential setting

AA & NA Meetings – Mission Lodge staff provide transportation for residents to AA and NA meetings in Minneapolis one night per week.  AA meetings are available on-site twice per week. Residents may also attend AA, NA, and CA meetings in the community. New Hope Alanon volunteers are also available to provide transportation to AA meetings seven days a week.

Peer Recovery Coaching – The Peer Recovery Coach at Mission Lodge provides support and encouragement to residents in maintaining their sobriety. A weekly support meeting offers insight and encouragement regarding specific methods for maintaining a sober lifestyle.

Individual Therapy – Headway Emotional Health Services offers an on-site licensed therapist who provides four individual therapy sessions weekly to residents referred by the Lead Advocate and Program Director.

” The staff is really helpful and there whenever I am in need.”
– Mission Lodge Resident

If you or someone you know may be in need of housing and services at Mission Lodge, please visit our website for admission information, or call the program directly at 763.559.4249. For a list of our current In-Kind needs, or to find out how you can support Missions Inc. Programs, please visit our Support Us page. For information about all of our services, please click here.