Missions Inc. Programs statement on the death of George Floyd

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The Missions Inc. community is coming together in this time to grieve the brutal death of George Floyd at the hands of the police.

As we support our residents and staff through this traumatic time, we seek out difficult conversations about racism and racial inequity and the role we choose to have in seeking social justice for all.

Our core values are to “affirm human worth, foster self-determination, value diversity and seek social justice.” Now is the time to find new ways to act out these values – in our day-to-day work serving people of color and in our advocacy to change systems that favor one group over all others.

Our mission is to provide a safe space where people are empowered to heal and transform their lives. We must do better to ensure that ALL people have safe space, both here at Missions Inc. and throughout the community, state and nation. We recognize this means lifting up the voices of people of color in our communities, listening to their experiences and taking action.

Our commitment today is that we will stand alongside others working to change the systems and prejudices that favor one group over others.

Our vision is “a world where every person realizes their worth and lives with dignity free from addiction and abuse.” We recognize to realize this vision, the world must also be free of the systems that have oppressed people of color.

We pledge to listen to our clients, staff and partners of color, to their experiences and to better understand how our programs are intertwined with systems of oppression.