Choosing Gratitude

Katy DanielsFeatured, Mission Weekly

The Thanks We Give

As we enter this season of thanksgiving, we at Missions Inc. take time to pause and reflect on all that makes us most grateful. For many of the individuals who reside at our programs, that includes gratitude for sobriety and safety, but it also includes gratitude for many of the things that many of us take for granted. A place to rest our head, food on the table, clothing on our backs.

Gratitude as a Way of Life

In recovery, gratitude is a major theme. If you have ever attended a 12-step meeting, you have heard people refer to themselves as “gratefully recovering.” We might wonder, when so much in our lives seems to have gone wrong, how do we feel such gratitude? No one would deny us the right to feel justifiably angry or resentful about our life circumstances, yet we persist in our aspiration to be grateful.

The answer to that question is quite simply that those in recovery have chosen a way of life that relies on gratitude. Gratitude isn’t just an emotion that we express, it is a way of being that is essential to a life in recovery. Being grateful reminds us that even when things go wrong, there is still much in life for which to be grateful.  Practicing gratitude in our everyday lives also teaches us to love and respect ourselves and others.

People who practice gratitude as a way of life, focus on what they have, rather than what they don’t have, they embrace generosity, and they pay attention to the positives rather than the negatives. People who live in gratitude celebrate the lessons that life teaches them, even when in the moment those lessons are challenging or painful. People who live in gratitude, pass that gratitude on to others through generosity, service, and compassion.

Gratitude for Our Community of Support

Since 1895, Missions Inc. Programs has provided services to Minnesotans most in need. Whether that need is a bed to rest a weary body, a warm meal on a cold day, treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, or immediate safety following a domestic assault, Missions Inc. has been here for the past 124 years to answer the call.

We cannot do this, however, without the support of our community, including:

  • Our Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers
  • The businesses, faith organizations, civic groups, and individuals who, through their generous financial support, have allowed us to address the extraordinary need for our services.
  • Our service partners who help to fill the gap in available resources for our residents and clients;
  • The criminal justice system in Northwest Hennepin County who partner with us in ensuring an appropriate response to domestic assault  

A Direct Impact

Children who wake up on Christmas morning at Home Free Shelter receive gifts from Santa, thanks to the generosity of our friends and supporters

To our Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, community partners, and donors, we thank you. Your support of our organization has had a direct impact on the lives of the hundreds of men, women, and children who walk through our doors each year.

From a grateful community, we thank you and we wish you the very best this Thanksgiving holiday.

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Katy Daniels is the Associate Director for Missions Inc. Programs.