Board of Directors

Mary L. Senkbeil, President
Louis G. Merchant, First Vice President
Leonard A. Biggs, Second Vice President
Rebecca K. Duvick, Treasurer
Katheeen Hokemeir-Seim, Secretary

Stacey L. Billy
Richard J. Carlquist
Michael S. Goldstein 
Reverend Harry Maghakian
Isabelle Robinson
Andrew V. Ronningen
Andrew F. Whitman
Dennis H. Wold

Management Team

Missions Inc - Board of Directors

James Steinhagen, Chief Executive Officer
Katy Daniels, Associate Director
Jeff Hammer, Accounting Manager
Kristin Rigg, Development Director
Pamela Johnson, Executive Assistant
Joe Conlin, Director of Facilities

Michelle Presley, Program Manager, Hart House
Mary Monteon, Program Director, Home Free
Jessica Sprenger, Program Director, Mission Detox Center
Dan Herold, Program Director, Mission Lodge
Rich Feeney, Administrator, Mission Nursing Home
Linda Peter, Program Manager, Smith Lodge