About Us

Missions Inc. is a nonprofit organization with a proud history of more than a century of service. We are located at three sites in Plymouth and St. Paul, MN, providing chemical health, domestic violence and long-term care services through six programs serving over 3,600 people each year.

Our main campus is located on the north shore of Medicine Lake in Plymouth, MN, offering a natural environment in which to pause, heal and gain strength for a new beginning.

We are supported through grants and contracts for service with local municipalities, counties, the state, and the United Way, and through the generous contributions of hundreds of businesses, churches, organizations, and individuals.

Our staff of nearly 200 full-time and part-time employees provides services with respect and compassion, as advocates for the people we serve. We are assisted by several hundred volunteers, whose invaluable contributions range from a special one-day event for the children to working every day alongside staff providing essential services.

We are governed by an 15-member Board of Directors, whose wide range of expertise guides and supports the organization. Our management team provides leadership from a wealth of experience in our primary service areas.

Our residents, are doing the hardest and most important work of all, bravely facing the challenges that lie ahead, taking control of their lives and finding hope in the future.